When a person can get killed and no one calls the police or have no care in the world about life then we got to know that something is not right in the world.

Barry Washington got murdered because he complimented a “white” woman. All lives matter!!! I am extremely upset because it me watching a YouTube video to find out about this incident when the murderer sent a live video to the news media instead of police. I am so confused as why only one person has been charged in this incident when there were multiple people there who just watched and let him die.

I hate to say it like this but there are more minorities in the world than “white” people and if we stop allowing them to divide us we can conquer them. It’s been how long… 600-800 years since they went around the world conquering I the name of “Jesus” and the rules established were for their protection not ours! And those rules need to be changed! Stop letting government distract you with covid-19. Hi get your vaccine so you can focus on what really matters.

This slaying… Modern day lynching is horrindous and we can not keep letting this happen. Whether the victim is Black, Hispanic, Asian, or Middle Eastern… We have to stick together to change the laws and make this planet better for our kids!!

Photo by OPB News

Published by Phoennix

Writer and spoken word artist. I love to write poetry and short stories, my first two books are books of poetry. I am also a visual artist, wood and metal sculpting, as well as drawing and painting. I've worked in the food industry over 15 years so eating is my hobby. I hope to bring you a fresh and colorful voice on the arts and culinary worlds.

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