YouTube is one of my favorite apps to watch comedy. There is comedy for all. I started watching the All Def crew a few years ago on YouTube and I have been a follower since. This crew is composed of male and female comedians. They have African American, Caucasian, Hispanic, and Asian comedians in the crew.

The All Def crew videos sometimes consistent of skits, games, trivia, dad jokes, knock knock jokes, and what we used to call back in the day the dirty dozens. Cultural Blasphemy is one of my favorite shows. Sometimes you can log on online and play the Trivia games with them. That’s always a blast! They even have a gaming channel and app.

Patrick Cloud, Teddy Ray, Big Jah, Tony Baker, Kraig Smith are some of the male comedians. I follow all of them individually because they all have their styles of comedy. Big Jah is the king of skits… Hood comedy. Tony does voice overs to funny animal videos. Patrick finds weird stuff on the internet and makes short vids giving his reaction. Check out Patrick’s video called “Pokemon are Real”!! Teddy Ray is just hilarious. The ladies of All Def started their own channel All Def Ladies so make sure you follow them as well. Roxi Haze is super hilarious. They play a lot of weed games, you know, cannabis games.

My most fave out of the crew is Precious Hall and Kamira White. Their show is called On Deez Hoes! I love it. They interview people, Precious does a tarot reading, and of course they talk about what’s going on in the world but add that humor to it. Precious is also the comedian whose joke was stolen by Tahir Moore (the only one I stopped following) and given to a more famous comedian who did the joke on an award show!!! Precious is from Texas and her accent is so country cute, I just love her voice. Kamira is from California and is so freaking pretty and has an amazing laugh so infectious. Y’all make sure you follow them and check out the show. They both do standup and have been touring so if they come to your town show love 💕.


Published by Phoennix

Writer and spoken word artist. I love to write poetry and short stories, my first two books are books of poetry. I am also a visual artist, wood and metal sculpting, as well as drawing and painting. I've worked in the food industry over 15 years so eating is my hobby. I hope to bring you a fresh and colorful voice on the arts and culinary worlds.

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