Will Smith Slapped Chris Rock!

Dude… what the holy fuck! Will Smith slapped the crap out of Chris Rock at the Oscars! I can’t believe he literally got out of his chair and walked up on stage and lay hands on another “Black” man at such a public event. That was just insane. Personally I think it could have been handled a lot better, like during a commercial break! Let me just give you my two scenarios: 1. Jada stands up and states, “Yass Chris, they do need a G.I. Jane 2 starring a Black lead and since I’m already bald I would be a perfect fit. Speak it into existence for me baby, hahaha”. 2. During commercial break, Will Smith goes to Chris Rock and tells him he didn’t like not appreciate the joke and demand that he immediately go out there and publicly apologize. There was no need for him to be hitting anyone. If was Chris Rock I would not let it slide. I would sue the shit out of Will Smith and his wife. It was a joke. I think G.I. Jane is one of greatest female action movies of all time. The great Demi Moore played the hell out of that part, and the scene when she cuts her hair off to earn respect from her soldiers was epic! Who wouldn’t want to be compared to G.I. Jane?!?! I think he was giving her props, saying she looks good with the bald. I am bald! I love my hair style! Not only that but I didn’t even know that Jada had a disease so maybe Chris Rock didn’t either. My thing is Will Smith was laughing at the joke at first but after seeing Jada roll her eyes I guess he felt he had to defend her, but why? For the last few years Jada has been emasculating Will Smith and I. My opinion trying to destroy his legacy. She came out publicly saying he never pleased her sexually, she had a public “entanglement” with August, and she never went after Tisha Campbell or other celebrity women who co-signed the rumor that Will Smith was gay and Dewayne Martin was his lifetime partner! Will Smith needs to apologize.


Published by Phoennix

Writer and spoken word artist. I love to write poetry and short stories, my first two books are books of poetry. I am also a visual artist, wood and metal sculpting, as well as drawing and painting. I've worked in the food industry over 15 years so eating is my hobby. I hope to bring you a fresh and colorful voice on the arts and culinary worlds.

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