Oh my freaking goodness!!!! The new Marlon Wayans HBO stand-up comedy special is so hilarious. I recently watched the Chris Rock comedy special on Netflix and it was super funny but this Marlon Wayans… Yo, that guy is short bus hilarious. (I hope that doesn’t offend) No for real! I really should go back and watch so I give you time frames but no, I’m not. Just go watch it. Watch it twice because when I say there is a section in there when I laughed so hard I almost had to call 911 cause I literally couldn’t breathe! He talked about the Jada and Will Smith and Chris Rock incident which now will be in my head forever because he kept bringing up the fact that it happened on March 27, 2022 which is my birthday! So now my birthday is famous for of course me, that, and a terrible plane crash that happened and an outrageous number of people were killed. Lol. It was really good y’all. I don’t like saying too much because I don’t want to ruin it for anyone. I love when he talks about how his family would have reacted if Will had slapped him at the Oscars. I like the personal stories he tells building connections between him and “the characters” thus proving that he is cool enough with them to build his whole set off of that incident and make jokes that some may say crossed the line. Friend or not… A couple of the jokes he said were a little risky and that’s just my opinion. I love Marlon Wayans and he is single so y’all go to his social media and plug me in!!! #seriously 😂❤️😂❤️. But for real, go watch the special and please 🙏🙏🙏 come back and tell me what part made you pee your pants or spit whatever liquid you had in your mouth out!

Marlon Wayans (IMBD image)

Published by Phoennix

Writer and spoken word artist. I love to write poetry and short stories, my first two books are books of poetry. I am also a visual artist, wood and metal sculpting, as well as drawing and painting. I've worked in the food industry over 15 years so eating is my hobby. I hope to bring you a fresh and colorful voice on the arts and culinary worlds.

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