Getting Older

Even though I never wanted to be married, I have always wanted a forevermore relationship. A person who gets me and chooses to be with me forever. As we get older we try to make things work out with people just for the sake of not being alone. We change parts of ourselves to please someone else but in the end all we are left with is heartbreak, pain, and another reason to doubt love. I’m sitting here at 7:25am on this Thursday before my 46th birthday, Monday, and realizing that I don’t want to go through life alone but I do not want to sacrifice so much of myself to be with another. I am a simple person. Really and truly. It’s other people and their preconceived ideas that complicates the relationship. I am not like most women for one. I am not jealous, I have confidence when it comes to looks and sex, and I love to have fun. I am super serious and not about lies of any kind of drama, and my belief in general common sense, which the world seems to be lacking, may be part of the problem. I am a person who believes everything has a place, don’t put cans of green beans where canned corn should be!! It fucks up my soup. I need advice from my crew… My Fly gals and guys! But on another note let me know what you guys are doing for summer!!! I’m feeling flighty❀️



Oh my freaking goodness!!!! The new Marlon Wayans HBO stand-up comedy special is so hilarious. I recently watched the Chris Rock comedy special on Netflix and it was super funny but this Marlon Wayans… Yo, that guy is short bus hilarious. (I hope that doesn’t offend) No for real! I really should go back and watch so I give you time frames but no, I’m not. Just go watch it. Watch it twice because when I say there is a section in there when I laughed so hard I almost had to call 911 cause I literally couldn’t breathe! He talked about the Jada and Will Smith and Chris Rock incident which now will be in my head forever because he kept bringing up the fact that it happened on March 27, 2022 which is my birthday! So now my birthday is famous for of course me, that, and a terrible plane crash that happened and an outrageous number of people were killed. Lol. It was really good y’all. I don’t like saying too much because I don’t want to ruin it for anyone. I love when he talks about how his family would have reacted if Will had slapped him at the Oscars. I like the personal stories he tells building connections between him and “the characters” thus proving that he is cool enough with them to build his whole set off of that incident and make jokes that some may say crossed the line. Friend or not… A couple of the jokes he said were a little risky and that’s just my opinion. I love Marlon Wayans and he is single so y’all go to his social media and plug me in!!! #seriously πŸ˜‚β€οΈπŸ˜‚β€οΈ. But for real, go watch the special and please πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ come back and tell me what part made you pee your pants or spit whatever liquid you had in your mouth out!

Marlon Wayans (IMBD image)


Love is something that changes your life. One of my family members really thought I was a psychopath because I didn’t really have emotions, other than rage, before I had my daughter. Unfortunately that family member didn’t live long enough to see me with child. It wasn’t until my daughter was born in 2000, on her due date, that I felt real love. My love for her is amazing, complicated, and real that it sometimes puts us at odds. I will not go into detail because this post isn’t about love for a child. I thought I was “in love” with a man a few times and I think I am now but it really could be an obsession. (I hate spell check & love). I love harder than most. I trust way too easily because I think all people are like me and honest to a fault but I have come to realize that most people are liars! In this day and age when we have all the LGBT stuff, swingers, and sister wives… Even though you aren’t Mormon like me, why would you lie about not being able to commit. If men would just be honest with women about what they want then more than likely will get what they want. I just can’t deal with liars and deceivers. Tell me the truth. I may be in my feelings for a minute which is allowed but if I really want to deal with you, I will regardless. Everybody is chasing the bag, trying to be a passport Bro’s, or a mini celebrity that it complicates relationships to point where you damn near can’t have one. I just want love, respect, honesty, and compassion from a mate and if you can’t give me that then do not even approach or try. I am a real woman and if I say I wanna be with you then trust that and nothing else. Women have worked so long to be equal to men when we are not! Equal pay for the same job regardless of sex but when it comes to relationships we are not equal. Relationships are about compromise and negotiations… You state what you are willing to do and give while the other does the same, and then you meet on common grounds. I am not a doctor or therapist but I have studied people for 45 years and I feel like I can truly speak on this subject. Let me know how you feel about this. I appreciate the likes but I am a talker and I need my Fly gals and guys to COMMENT! I crave feedback and interaction #seriously. Love y’all, stay in the ether and be Blessed!

Sorry For Being MIA!

Hi, Fly gals and guys! Let me start by saying I appreciate all the love and support. I started a “real” job a month ago and it has been taking all my time and energy. When I get off I’m so tired that I only want to watch YouTube and and play games on my phone. Hour later… I’m counting sheep! Some of the things I have been watching: The 100 on Netflix which is a must watch, The Reading with Monique, the comedian, which is a super good horror/thriller. Perfect Match on Netflix which was okay… It just had people from other Netflix shows all dating each other, swapping spit, and relationship drama. It was decent. I did not like You People with Eddie Murphy, one of my favorites, it was just too racist and cliche. I am not happy with YouTube right now because of all the reaction videos. Those videos are stealing views and money from the original creators and I don’t like it. Literally I can watch Slapped Ham, my fave YouTuber and within minutes there is a reaction video which is basically the same video I watched of Slapped Ham it should be illegal. I am so tired right now y’all but I love ya so I have to post something. Okay let’s get to what really has me FUMING! YOU! The series on Netflix which sorely disappointed me this season. Not to mention that I had to wait for weeks for the next five episodes! I liked it better when I thought it was actually two serial killers, one forcing the other to do his bidding but then I find out that Joe is having a mental breakdown or split personality. I literally wanted to meet the writer of the show until I watched the last three episodes of this season and I realized he got lazy and just went all normal on me. Don’t get me wrong, I probably will watch again! I just love Joe and to make him weak like they did was just insane to me because so much more could have been done and why limit the show to 10 episodes? Well folks let me know what you’ve been watching and what kinda show you would like to watch! I’m trying to figure out when they are going to remake The Neverending Story!?!?! Like the best movie ever made doesn’t deserve a remake… What do my Fly gals and guys think about that? What would you like to see remade? Stay positive and wish me luck on my new job. Sending everyone positive energy and love!


Happy 2023 Ink friends and family! Missed you dearly and appreciated the likes on previous posts. Just a few thoughts to let you learn more about me. I am working artist and writing, “struggling”, lol but I like it. I personally have never wanted to be super rich and famous, just to win a Pulitzer Prize for something. I like writing poetry. I also like writing short stories…. What I do not like is how hard it is to make money doing what you love. Hundreds of years ago, art and writing was more so about notariaty and being affiliated. Everyone wanted to host them at their homes just to say said person created this whole living here. They were the celebrities! Artists and writers were given stipends and housed to create because their minds go beyond what the common man can ponder. Not only has the way artists make money has changed but also the content of what they are producing has changed as well. I would like to use the word evolved but that only applies to a few artists at this point because so many are making dark art. I would like to introduce the term horror art! Art that scares you in shape, form, or fashion because of its dark or creepy images. Why have so many turned to images of children in erotic or psychotic atmospheres? Why so much death, murder, and blood in artwork and writing now? I love art and one day we go back to the classics like realism. Missed you guys and forward to website updates and changes in the next few weeks. Send me your art to feature on my page!