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“The Lesbian Homie”

If y’all haven’t realized by now I really love YouTube! No seriously… I like being able to watch a major variety of content longer than 2 minutes, lol. There are some features of YouTube that I don’t like but overall it is my go to application. One of my most favorite content creators is Bigg Jah. He an mini series called “The Lesbian Homie” which is in it’s second season. It’s hilarious but at the same time real. It focuses on relationships; relationships between friends, couples, and family members but it does it in a comedic way so that the viewers can really relate. The main character started a relationship with a female friend who was gay. They both caught feelings in season one and it changed the dynamic of the “crew” once everyone found out. Season two just began a few weeks ago and the main character who is still single meets a beautiful lady and wants to date her but doesn’t realize she is gay too! The twist is, due to circumstances in the female’s life she needs him to pretend to be her boyfriend. While all of this is going on their friends are having different situations in their relationships so the conversations between the men during dude time is great. This show is funny but it also tackles real life issues. I am recommending that you all check it out and make sure to give it a thumbs up before it ends! Bigg Jah is a part of the All Def comedy crew and the content that comes from this multiracial group of people is simply amazing. Make sure you watch to find out if Bruce is going to fall in love with Reese, the new Lesbian Homie!

North Carolina Labor Laws

I just recently took a job in a restaurant and worked two days before resigning. The reason, to some may sound petty, but for me it’s a far bigger issue and I hope you guys really understand what I am about to say. I will more than likely write a follow up blog in regards to this. So here is the most simple reason that I quit… they would not give me a 5 min cigarette break. I was told you have to work 8 hours to get a break, and the amount of time, of that said break was not specified. Here’s the thing, I went at 4:30 pm and was scheduled until 11:30pm which mean I probably wouldn’t leave until midnight or later after doing my closing duties. For some this wouldn’t be a problem but for me it is, especially when the restaurant isn’t busy and you have other hostess’ to cover me while I’m gone. We will not get into all the other issues I experienced in 2 days like being told to wear black pants (dark colors) and when I arrived the first day I was told to go home and change for wearing black pants. A cotton jumper that I love & normally dress it up with a cool belt, shoes, and accessories but I didn’t so as not to stand out, but they said it was too casual and I was actually supposed to wear a black skirt or dress with a blazer or sweater. They let me stay because I said if I go home I wasn’t coming back because I live 30 minutes away which would have been an hour total, and longer because of 5 o’clock traffic. It was 9:45 pm when I asked for a 5 minute smoke break. The other hostess was smoking her vape pen as well as other servers inside of the restaurant by the way.

Once I got home I decided to look up North Carolina labor laws. I grew up and was always led to believe that if you work a certain amount of hours you are guaranteed a break. It states that no one over the age of 16 is guaranteed a break, of any kind, and basically you either follow the rules the company sets or quit. I already knew this but for some reason people like to argue with me and don’t believe me when I say that North Carolina laws are set to benefit the landlords and the employers. I worked at a warehouse years ago and that is when I found out about this law but a lot of people here tell me I am wrong. North Carolina is an at will state when it comes to employment. Which means you can be fired at anytime without explanation you are supposed to be able to quit at anytime because you either agree with the terms set by the employer or not. So this is the trick, if you quit you will not qualify for unemployment and they also penalize you for not putting in a two week notice but the employer doesn’t have to give you a two week notice before they fire you. I was working 12 hour shifts at that warehouse and was only allowed a 30 minute break for lunch and one 15 min break. Some of the other employees and I contacted the labor board and was told the above stated law.

North Carolina minimum wage is still $7.25 per hour. Like I stated in a previous blog some companies have gone up on their own but it is not standard across the board and the companies that did go up do not want to give you full time hours. I writing this to say that we allow government to distract us with media, fake news, and racism when we need to focus on what really matters… Outdated Laws! We need people of all races in all states to start figuring out what laws are outdated and need to be eliminated or changed. Yes, all feel empathy for what’s going on around the world but we can help everyone when we need help ourselves! We are all slaves, which is what the United States was built on, and I am not just talking about the black slaves. Anyone who doesn’t own their own business a slave and I don’t care how much you make per hour or salary per year… that can all be gone in the blink of an eye!

We as United States citizen need to focus on labor laws and minimum wage. Did you know that in 1970s minimum wage was like $3.30 per hour! So in 50 years, in North Carolina, it has only gone up $4.00. Wow! We also need to focus on education. If we force the government to rewrite the US history books and re-evaluate the school systems in general I feel like it eliminate some of the racism that they forced upon us. I know women are mad about the abortion law but it really isn’t a big concern at this time. Our biggest concern is being paid a fair wage for the work we do, because men get paid more than us for doing the same job still. We also need to be more focused on the families we already have, instead of adding more (and I will hold my real thoughts here) when the world’s population is predicted to be 8 billion this week. The abortion thing is simple, don’t have sex… I know, I’m being silly but which would you rather have sex or the ability to take care of yourself and your family. Both parents have to work so much to keep up with inflation and cost if living thus leaving them less time with their kids, parents, and other family members.

I say this all the time… Life was never meant to be this hard. No more pointing fingers, we know what needs to be changed like what they have been putting in our food and how it’s being made and produced labs now instead of grown in a field like The Most High intended. Whether you want to believe it or not… manufacturing was the biggest down fall of humanity. Let me know how you feel in the comments, live to hear your thoughts on the things I said.

Your David, My Saul

Evening Fly guys and gals!! So here is the poem that a really dear friend and writer wrote for me, about me… Y’all know what I’m saying. Lol. If I get 5, just 5, comments about what they think it’s about it mean then I will follow up with my initial reaction when I read it and what Cedric Tillman, my friend who wrote it, explained. Hope y’all all enjoy!

When you are troubled
I am called to restore you,
to calm you at your bedside
with the music of my harp.

I am from the country
I tend to the flocks
So city and cavalier
Surrounded by your subjects
In the city of our God
But I have learned your spirits,
Tried to negotiate them
I have learned to love your nuances
I know now when you go ahead
And when you would have me wait
I know what to play
And when you would have me to leave.

I might have know you were haunted
There is malice when you curse,
You scare me with your spear
I fear for my life,
I can never know what may cause it
to hasten in my direction,
What in your life beyond me
propels it,
But I am fated to be there,
Preferring the Spirit’s few idle moments-
The days you embrace me like a son,
Or compliment me when I play.

Many times when you were angry
I nearly fled
Sometimes I hear people say you have forgotten your anointing
They murmur about how the kingdom has changed you and wish you were your younger self again
They know you have dealt roughly with me and tell me to defend myself
Yet I will not touch you
to do you harm

Lately you are always nervous –
I play through your paranoia
After a day in the battle
The flowing attack
The ebbing to retreat
You come in and put your spear by the bed
Then I come in,
to my accustomed place
I dare not approach where you lie
I play my psalm prepared for just such a moment
Praying that you are moved by your gentler Spirit,
By these strings that run lengthways,
like your body over the bed
And I seal the chamber so there is more solitude.
I have thought of what might soothe you
I play a quiet, mournful song
Turn the sand upon it’s side
to make it seem the time was static,
Searching you in my mind as I play,
wondering what makes you tense with me,
why you make me a favorite
only to suddenly act the philistine,
why you rage against our destinies
I whisper a question about the fight
hoping you will share that you will feel shriven as if I am your personal Levite.

When you call me closer,
I always act as if
I did not hear you the first time.
You beckon again
and though I am afraid,
I wonder what would happen
if you could hear my music clearer.
But I cannot trust you.
Your hand wearily dangles
too close to the spear
So I watch you as I approach,
and even though your eyes are closed
I slide the spear away
So that I am between it and you.

Sad Days

I actually don’t remember when I wrote this but I just came across it and felt like it needed to be shared. I think it was around June because of the things I am speaking on within the mini essay. Let me know if you have experienced any of these issues and if you are wondering why so many people are more focused on worldly things instead of sustenance.

My heart is breaking for the world… it is truly a sad day when I go to fill my 2015 Kia Optima and gas is literally $5.00 per gallon. It is truly a sad day when I go to the grocery store to buy corn on the cob to cook on the grill but it’s $5.00 for three years of corn. It is truly a sad day when I go online to look for a place to live and I can’t find a decent place in a decent area for less than $800.00 per month for a 1 bedroom studio. In 1998 when I rented my very first apartment, which was a 1 bedroom studio, it was only $450 per month! Over a 20 year time span the cost of rent in North Carolina has tripled. Literally $1300 a month is almost the minimum rent in Charlotte right now. The problem is… within that same 20 year time span minimum wage in North Carolina has not increased, yes, it is still $7.25 an hour here in North Carolina. Some companies have started lying and stating that they are paying more but in actuality they that is a misconception. “Paying up to $15.00” is what they say but of course they will tell you that you don’t have the right experience level so they start you off with less. Let’s look at an example: You make $15 an hour, your tax liability for one month is $600, that would leave you with $1800 of taxes dollars for the month. Out of that $1800your rent is $1000 this leaving you with $800. Okay so you have car with a car payment of $325 per month and your full coverage car insurance is $80.00 per month now leaving you $395. Let’s just take a break from math because clearly at this point you see that you don’t really have enough money to survive. On top of all that you still haven’t paid your cell phone, internet, light bill, student loan, and you still haven’t gotten food. Hopefully you work in a restaurant and get a daily meal, let’s just thank God you don’t have children at this because if you do the poor little babies are starving and home alone🤣. This is no laughing matter though. It really breaks my heart that people in the world would rather protest violence, abortion, guns, and wearing Covid masks but they won’t take to the streets and protest for the only thing that really matters this world which is being able to make a decent wage which will provide enough for you to have a place to live, put food in your stomach, and spend quality time with your family. Working 80 hours a week does not leave room for quality time with your family. We as a people have given government too much control and we as a peopy to take back that control. We need to rewrite laws and establish new checks and balance systems to for the government who is supposed be acting on our behalf of the people but clearly they are more doc on big pharma, big corporations, and monopolies. Let me know in the comments how you feel about this!