Between Friends

Hi!! I like to play a game with friends when are just sitting around drinking and having why we call church which is a basic meeting of the minds. We pretty much get white boy wasted and have deep discussions about politics, life… You know, all the things drunk people probably shouldn’t talk about. It’s a writing game that I call pass the pen. We get a notebook and one person will start by writing a sentence or a statement and we pass the notebook around until we have a finished piece of work! It’s fun when some of the people aren’t writers or poet’s like I am. This one is between a really good spoken word artist/rapper friend of mine named Donovan “Swift” Reid. His part will be in purple. Oh, please let me know if you like this kind of mixed poetry because I have more!

As time passes by and I keep searching Through triumphs and burdens, joy and hurting, through longing and wanting, and waiting until there is no where else to look but inside And collect all the scattered pieces, pieces of a complete puzzle yet to be assembled But yet it is disassembled, broken down to the basic elements this leading us back to everlasting time As infinite as dark matter small flickers of time passes and time yet seen… Between us, is all this just lust? Or something so big you can’t see the whole, only portions, Like dips of a movie with no story line as time stands still and my heart flutters like a butterfly wondering Where the next wind, what direction the current of life is headed and wonder should I fly with or against it, Or just ride the tide upon the shore and see where you land as a man alone on the beach with your emotions in front of you…


Wednesday Night at Rio Ultra Lounge

If you are looking for something to do on a Wednesday night in Charlotte, NC, then you my friend should check out Rio Ultra Lounge. They have your hookas, your drinks, and they have food! It is all reasonable too.

I’m not sure if I am feeling the DJ because it is supposed to be R & B vs. Reggae night but when we came in he was playing Anita Baker. No problems with Anita Baker, I just listen to that kind of R & B when I’m trying to get my groove on if ya know what I mean! I had to ask, “like dude what’s up…” he said he got me then played “Waterfalls” by TLC. 😂. It’s getting better as I sit here, more 90s to 2000s hip hop but I’m still waiting in the reggae. I guess he thought Rihanna was reggae because he did throw her in the mix. I did ask him to play real reggae and he did eventually.

We went to the bar when we got there and my homeboy ordered a Corona. We always drink before we go because the prices of liquor in a bar are ridiculous! Anyhow… I ordered lemon pepper wings and fries which just arrived and smell amazing. But she didn’t bring any napkins or silverware… I guess I’m just supposed to wipe my hands on my clothes like a heathen! They only have the cocktail napkins which isn’t cool. The bartender did pull me some of the brown ones from the paper towel dispenser behind the bar and then she folded them up in little squares before she handed them to me which made the whole napkin situation better. It’s the little things for me! The wings and the fries were banging!! The wings were crispy with the right amount of lemon pepper seasoning and the fries had truffle oil, garlic, and pepper. The menu had pot stickers and boneless wings as well as a few other flavorful sounding dishes.

We got there a little before 11pm and the crowd was small. By midnight it was more crunk and the vibe was great. There isn’t a dance floor though so if you want to dance you just have to dance near your table or other open areas. There is a patio outside in the back which is a really nice size. The music can’t really be heard out there with the door closed. There wasn’t any outdoor speakers I guess. I don’t even know how long this spot has been open so they may be working out the kinks. The décor and lounge seating areas inside are cool and vibrant while being spaced appropriately. The bathroom is a single stall only, so one person at a time, but it was spacious, clean, and smelled great! The bartenders and wait staff were beautiful and were dressed in sexy little outfits… Hint hint fellas!

Overall all I would rate this place 4 ½ stars out 5 across the board. They may want to find a better DJ thoug, lol. It was free to get in all night for men and women and they do ha e bottle service. Here is the link to their website so you guys can check it out! Thanks for reading and don’t forget to like and share.

Rio Ultra Lounge

Interview with Psychic Sheena Metal!

Today I have a special interview with a psychic medium whom I follow on social media. I actually came across her in a video of the Spooky Boos, two young ladies that make ghost hunting videos. It’s not many females on YouTube that go ghost hunting so when I found this little gem of a show on YouTube I just had to follow and y’all should too. Here is the interview…

Me: Thank you for doing this interview can you tell the people who you are, where you were born and also where you currently reside?
Sheena: Hi. My name is Sheena Metal and I was born in New Haven Connecticut. I grew up in Huntington Beach California, where my family moved when I was 13. I currently reside between there and my home in Los Angeles California.

Me: When did you realize you were gifted?
Sheena: Looking back, I believe I’ve been gifted my entire life. As a kid I never thought about it because my mom had the same gifts that she never spoke about as “psychic” gifts. So I guess I thought everybody could see what I could.

Me: Do you ever get scared when communicating with the other side?
Sheena: I’ve never been scared communicating with spirits of dead, previously earthbound beings but I have communicated with some things that were never alive, per se. They have greatly unnerved me. This can happen in spirit board sessions and in channeling communication… usually in séances. I have discovered things that were unnerving and unpleasant and I hope to never communicate with those types of beings again.

Me: What is your scariest experience?
Sheena: A few years ago, I saw a thing that I can only describe as an “evil snowman”. It looked and moved like a snowman but it had a grimace on its face with a very dark and terrifying laugh. It kept laughing while it shook it’s little stick arms back-and-forth while staring at me. There are many other experiences but that’s just one for you.

Me: Do have a religious background?
Sheena: I was raised sort of loosely Presbyterian. I think we went to church maybe less than 20 times in my entire childhood. My father was a lapsed Catholic and an atheist. My mother was deeply spiritual and considered herself a combination of what she called a “teachings of Christ” Christian, and some deep metaphysical beliefs. So I grew up with a lot of spirituality but not necessarily in a church. Because of that, I have no animosity towards churches and I love to go to church with my friends of different denominations. I am now pastored at a progressive Christian church, in Hollywood… Founders Church of the Metropolitan Community Church denomination. It is also referred to as MCC. It’s the first church I’ve belonged to and a few years ago was the first time I was ever baptized. I am their interfaith pastor, again, my spiritual beliefs are very eclectic.

Me: Do you prefer to be called physic or gifted or what do you like to call it?
Sheena: I use the term psychic or medium because they are familiar terms that make people comfortable. I also consider myself to be an empath, an intuitive, and a healer… I believe that everything else falls under those three titles. But anything anyone wants to call me is fine. As long as it refers to living in the light and walking the path of light.

Me: Do you have any children and if so do any of them have the gift as well?
Sheena: I do not have any children or siblings… or any family at this point. I have helped mentor many young people and feel that each of them are, in someway, my children.

Me: Sorry to hear that you don’t have any family left, I lost both my Mother and Grandma right before covid started. It’s good you have people you can call family. How did you meet Mackie and Amanda from the “Spooky Boos” on YouTube?
Sheena: My best friend and her son, who is like my nephew, run the historical society in my hometown of Huntington Beach California. Part of their job is to be custodians for an old historic landmark haunted house, called the Newland house. Mackie and Amanda were interested in investigating that house and asked Darrell Rivers, my spirit nephew, to be their tour guide. My best friend Kelly and I went down that night and she introduced me to Mackie and Amanda. They started asking me questions about the house. I had never met another medium and the three of us hit it off. They then asked me to return to the Newland house and do another video with them. I have appeared in four of their videos and I believe a fifth is coming out this weekend! We have many more planned. I adore them both. They are so gifted and such nice people.

Me: I thought I heard you state that you do free readings on their show… Why don’t you charge people money? Or do you?
Sheena: I absolutely do charge for a reading. I have a thriving spiritual practice and many wonderful clients, which allows me to donate my time to do free readings three times a week and donate services, where needed, as a minister. In my practice, I do psychic or mediumship readings, animal communication, I work with couples, groups, and families. I also do spirit guide identification. I do past life regression, life path clarification, chakra cleanses and chakra balancing sessions… Then, as my “give back”, I do about six hours of free readings, on social media every week. I was raised to always give back and I do as much of that as I can. I am also always accessible to answer peoples texts, emails, WhatsApp and social media direct messages. Anyone interested in speaking to meet me can text me at 818-437–0886.

Me: She really does respond, y’all! I text her about the interview and we communicated through text and email to accomplish this. I have had experiences with UFO’s… Do you believe in aliens or UFO’s?
Sheena: I absolutely believe in aliens and have had an experience of my own. My mother also had a visitation when I was a year old and I was with her at the time. I recently was part of an exciting new documentary that should be out next year. It’s about off world activity in Joshua Tree, California. It was wonderful and I got to work alongside my dear friend, Andrea Perron, who grew up in “the conjuring” house.

Me: Wow! That’s pretty cool to have a friend who has actual stories that they based a horror movie on. Can you give us an example of when you feel like you really touched someone with a reading… Like made a strong impact?
Sheena: There are probably too many of these to list but, just recently, I had the honor of being with a client as they transitioned. They were transitioning and asked to speak to me during their last minutes on the earth and wanted me to literally and figuratively hold their hand and walk them across the rainbow bridge to home, which is what some people call heaven…but I call home. It was an honor to be bestowed with that responsibility and for someone to have that much trust and faith in me. I kind of get teared up just thinking about it.

Me: I’m moved by your honesty. I was with my Mom, holding her hand when she passed. Unfortunately I was unable to walk her to home. Lastly what advice do have for people who want to increase their positive energy daily…
Sheena: Life is all about vibration and raising your personal vibration is so important because it enables others to raise theirs and in doing so, raises the vibration of the earth and the universe. Think about these words, when you are trying to increase the positivity in your life: peace, love, kindness, Unity, ascension, evolvement, enlightenment and inspiration.

Thank you so much Sheena for doing this interview again. I look forward to my own personal reading with you! Everyone you can follow Sheena on all of your social media platforms and don’t forget to check her out the “Spooky Boos” on YouTube! Find Sheena on Facebook by clicking the link 🔗!

Fillmore… Biscuits & Grits (Idk)

I am at Fillmore in Charlotte… I’ve only been here for 5 minutes and I do not like it! First off I couldn’t bring my purse inside because it was too big! If your purse is bigger than a phone than you can’t bring it in. No that’s not true… you can pay $5.00 to leave it with two random people, that simply hang it on a rack behind them! Yes their backs were turned and any crazy person can hope that fence and do a grab and run. Dude I try not to use profane language in my post but I am finding it hard y’all. Oh, yeah you can also pay $8.00 to empty the contents of your bag into a clear plastic bag. Let’s examine that, so everyone in the club can see that I’m on my period because I have a purse full of pads! Not only can we not control our bodies anymore but now we have to notify the world of every thing that goes on with our bodies!?!? I guess I’m supposed to walk around with my credit cards, cigarettes, phone, and pads in my pocket while I’m at the club trying to have fun. SUPER BIG FUCKING WOW. It doesn’t tell you this on the website. I didn’t even drive. My homeboy had to take my purse to the car. Wow… But this shit is lit! Just not my type of crowd. It’s more 30 ur olds than anything, a few people in the 40s like me but few and far between. I ran into my little cousin on my out so I know for sure that is not place for me. I don’t know if it was the Fillmore’s rules concerning the purses or the people hosting the Grits & Biscuits event but that just got under my skin. I’m like Lionel and his blanket in the cartoon Peanuts, I can not be without my purse!

Not Happy #womensrights


Who am I?
I’m the D.A.M.S.A.L.F.L.Y
Who am I…
Nobody knows me
I’m fresh on scene,
Not worried bout all the bling bling bling & I don’t give two fucks bout no mutha fucking C.R.E.A.M,
All I want to do is live my own dream…

Just like er’body else… A chic like me ain’t trying to covet no one else’s wealth, I just play the hand that I was dealt…

You think long, you think wrong… You step up, you get gone…. Tricks are for da rabbit And sorry Boo, I’m all out of carrots!