Wednesday Night at Rio Ultra Lounge

If you are looking for something to do on a Wednesday night in Charlotte, NC, then you my friend should check out Rio Ultra Lounge. They have your hookas, your drinks, and they have food! It is all reasonable too. I’m not sure if I am feeling the DJ because it is supposed to beContinue reading “Wednesday Night at Rio Ultra Lounge”

Fillmore… Biscuits & Grits (Idk)

I am at Fillmore in Charlotte… I’ve only been here for 5 minutes and I do not like it! First off I couldn’t bring my purse inside because it was too big! If your purse is bigger than a phone than you can’t bring it in. No that’s not true… you can pay $5.00 toContinue reading “Fillmore… Biscuits & Grits (Idk)”

Club Slingshot… Part 1

So guys and gals I am at a club… bar called Slingshot. It’s lit! Vibe is nice, the music is nice, but the bathroom etiquette is ridiculous. Can I say just down right rude. I just can’t believe how the employees act in this place. There is no soap in the dispenser, this forcing youContinue reading “Club Slingshot… Part 1”

The Woodshed

Oh my goodness… Found the cutest dive bar in Charlotte! It’s called the Woodshed. It’s actually a gay bar which is cool with me even though I’m straight. Everyone there was super friendly, had great personalities, and I really enjoyed myself. There are three bars throughout. Indoor and outdoor atmospheres, with the outdoor have multipleContinue reading “The Woodshed”

Vibrations Night Club

I have been hanging out out at this club in Charlotte, NC that I hoped would pick up a following but it did not! After several visits to this place on different nights I have now… Just now come to the conclusion that it is the DJ for one that brings the place down. YouContinue reading “Vibrations Night Club”

Cloud… Hookah Lounge

So I’m here right now at Cloud hookah lounge in Charlotte NC…. This is where it’s at!! Super happy about my food! My friends Karen and Jess didn’t tell tell me we were going to a hookah bar so I really wasn’t prepared for the smoke. The food was good though. Just the right amountContinue reading “Cloud… Hookah Lounge”