Change is Coming

Some people may not like this post… I’m just going to say what’s in my mind and let the chips fall where they may. I love being “Black” or “African American” or whatever you white folks want to call us these days. The thing is in my lifetime I have never known “Black” folk toContinue reading “Change is Coming”

Freedom March

The drum is beatingFeet marchingHeads held high The percussion is coming…Right down through the middle of the streetAnd all you hear is it’s jazzy beat I know it’s the train that leadsTo the freedom of my peopleAnd I’m gonna be on it for sure Here comes the brassTrumpets ringing to the tops of the treesBeContinue reading “Freedom March”

All Lives Matter

All Lives Matter Looking at the World through someone else’s eyes Trying to over-stand the knowledge and read between the lines Listening to the cries of loved ones lost… But at what cost? Black lives, red lives, white lives All lives Matter! Just read the social media and “fake” news chatter Chatter, chatter… Scatter LikeContinue reading “All Lives Matter”