Interview with Psychic Sheena Metal!

Today I have a special interview with a psychic medium whom I follow on social media. I actually came across her in a video of the Spooky Boos, two young ladies that make ghost hunting videos. It’s not many females on YouTube that go ghost hunting so when I found this little gem of aContinue reading “Interview with Psychic Sheena Metal!”

“Master” … Another Netflix Movie, lol

I love when a movie starts off with an edge or what some may call a creep factor. Intrigue is the foundation of imagination and when watching a horror/suspense movie intrigue is the most important factor. I am watching β€œMaster”, a new movie on Netflix starring Regina Hall. The creep factor starting out is atContinue reading ““Master” … Another Netflix Movie, lol”

“Ghost Brothers’

Unfortunately I only found out about this when covid-19 first hit in 2020. Being trapped in the house, unable to leave gave me way too much time to watch TV. I love watching TV shows about ghost hunting. YouTube has a lot of videos and content about ghost hunting like Mindseed and King Frostmare! DoContinue reading ““Ghost Brothers’”