Venting… Just a little, lol

I am puzzled at the amount of content creators who put out videos on celebrities. What bothers me is that people want to know all about the celebrities lives and drama but they don’t put themselves in their shoes so that they can see how it feels. Would you, as a regular person, want someoneContinue reading “Venting… Just a little, lol”

“Master” … Another Netflix Movie, lol

I love when a movie starts off with an edge or what some may call a creep factor. Intrigue is the foundation of imagination and when watching a horror/suspense movie intrigue is the most important factor. I am watching “Master”, a new movie on Netflix starring Regina Hall. The creep factor starting out is atContinue reading ““Master” … Another Netflix Movie, lol”

“On These Grounds”

I saw this viral video a year ago about a girl getting body slammed by a police officer in middle school. When I saw the video I was astonished by what I saw. I never followed up with that case because there were so many other police involved incidents that were happening simultaneously the pastContinue reading ““On These Grounds””

“Out Of Time”

I couldn’t sleep… Well I went to sleep early and woke up about 1 a.m. so I decided to watch a little bit of television. I came across this movie called “Out Of Time”. It was released in 2021. It had a “Black” lady as one of the lead roles so hey I’ll check itContinue reading ““Out Of Time””

“Red Notice”

I have been driving around all week looking for an apartment so the radio has been playing a lot. I noticed that they keep talking about “Red Notice” the new movie starring The Rock, Ryan Reynolds, and Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman). The stations I listen are saying it’s the number one movie on Netflix andContinue reading ““Red Notice””