Sorry For Being MIA!

Hi, Fly gals and guys! Let me start by saying I appreciate all the love and support. I started a “real” job a month ago and it has been taking all my time and energy. When I get off I’m so tired that I only want to watch YouTube and and play games on myContinue reading “Sorry For Being MIA!”

“Master” … Another Netflix Movie, lol

I love when a movie starts off with an edge or what some may call a creep factor. Intrigue is the foundation of imagination and when watching a horror/suspense movie intrigue is the most important factor. I am watching “Master”, a new movie on Netflix starring Regina Hall. The creep factor starting out is atContinue reading ““Master” … Another Netflix Movie, lol”

“On These Grounds”

I saw this viral video a year ago about a girl getting body slammed by a police officer in middle school. When I saw the video I was astonished by what I saw. I never followed up with that case because there were so many other police involved incidents that were happening simultaneously the pastContinue reading ““On These Grounds””

“Red Notice”

I have been driving around all week looking for an apartment so the radio has been playing a lot. I noticed that they keep talking about “Red Notice” the new movie starring The Rock, Ryan Reynolds, and Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman). The stations I listen are saying it’s the number one movie on Netflix andContinue reading ““Red Notice””

“True Story”

Netflix has a series starring Kevin Hart and Wesley Snipes called “True Story”. I actually didn’t watch upon first release because for the last few years I have not been a big fan of Kevin Hart’s movies. His character never changes but this was such a good show! It’s a limited series about a comedianContinue reading ““True Story””