Your David, My Saul

Evening Fly guys and gals!! So here is the poem that a really dear friend and writer wrote for me, about me… Y’all know what I’m saying. Lol. If I get 5, just 5, comments about what they think it’s about it mean then I will follow up with my initial reaction when I readContinue reading “Your David, My Saul”

Between Friends

Hi!! I like to play a game with friends when are just sitting around drinking and having why we call church which is a basic meeting of the minds. We pretty much get white boy wasted and have deep discussions about politics, life… You know, all the things drunk people probably shouldn’t talk about. It’sContinue reading “Between Friends”

A Place To Begin

I can see all the things I wantAnd the path that can lead me there,But I have no means to begin.This struggle never seems to endThe pain of sorrow is my best friend.Deep down in the abyss of depression,My mind the oppressor…Oppressing meBecause…Open ears,Open hearts,And open minds;Feelings of trust, of loveBut no time.I am soContinue reading “A Place To Begin”