North Carolina Labor Laws

I just recently took a job in a restaurant and worked two days before resigning. The reason, to some may sound petty, but for me it’s a far bigger issue and I hope you guys really understand what I am about to say. I will more than likely write a follow up blog in regardsContinue reading “North Carolina Labor Laws”

“Bar Rescue”

I love reality T.V. I am watching a compilation of the show Bar Resume on YouTube which is hilarious but also disgusting. I worked in the restaurant industry for years and I can say that it wasn’t until recently that I worked in one as nasty as what they show on Bar Rescue. Improper handlingContinue reading ““Bar Rescue””


When a person can get killed and no one calls the police or have no care in the world about life then we got to know that something is not right in the world. Barry Washington got murdered because he complimented a “white” woman. All lives matter!!! I am extremely upset because it me watchingContinue reading “Cranston”

The Best French Fries Ever!

Last week I was driving down Freedom Dr. and I was terribly hungry. Normally I would stop at Chex Grill for wings but after some recent bad experiences I will never eat there again! I saw the food truck called Steel A Grille and it looked interesting, not to mention Black owned, so I stopped.Continue reading “The Best French Fries Ever!”