Sorry For Being MIA!

Hi, Fly gals and guys! Let me start by saying I appreciate all the love and support. I started a “real” job a month ago and it has been taking all my time and energy. When I get off I’m so tired that I only want to watch YouTube and and play games on myContinue reading “Sorry For Being MIA!”


Sitting on this good Sunday morning and normally I would find a great animated show to watch but I came across a show starring one of my most favorite Nickelodeon actors… Kenan. “Kenan” is a new show on Peacock. It has two seasons. The only thing bothers me is Peacock doesn’t show but one episodeContinue reading “Kenan”

“True Story”

Netflix has a series starring Kevin Hart and Wesley Snipes called “True Story”. I actually didn’t watch upon first release because for the last few years I have not been a big fan of Kevin Hart’s movies. His character never changes but this was such a good show! It’s a limited series about a comedianContinue reading ““True Story””