Pass The Mic

I don’t know why I didn’t see Pass The Mic in 2020 when covid-19 was at it’s heights, guess I was too busy watching Netflix! Pass The Mic is show I just viewed on YouTube started by DJ Cassidy. I guess it’s affiliated with BET but don’t quote me on that. It’s a virtual musical performance with multiple artist from the past decades. My favorite episode would be the one with Run, DMC, LL Kool J, and Rakim! If ya don’t know ya Betta ask somebody… Rakim is one of the best rappers ever. I felt like I was at a concert, driving down the freeway listening to the radio on a Friday night, or at the greatest house party ever. Yup, that’s how I felt. When Missy Elliott appeared I wanted to jump out my car at a red light and get my groove on like I was in high school again. This show is the best thing popping on YouTube, I have literally watched each video twice already!!! (I just found it last night) DJ Cassidy I salute you for bringing all of those Black Artist together, for bringing us joy and happiness, and for making me dance like it’s 1999! If you haven’t checked out Pass The Mic on YouTube you are sleeping like I was. Let me know which one is your fave and don’t forget to check out my poetry books (links in menu) as well as follow me on social media.


Published by Phoennix

Writer and spoken word artist. I love to write poetry and short stories, my first two books are books of poetry. I am also a visual artist, wood and metal sculpting, as well as drawing and painting. I've worked in the food industry over 15 years so eating is my hobby. I hope to bring you a fresh and colorful voice on the arts and culinary worlds.

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